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best rep range for natural bodybuilders

Assuming a good regime, diet and supplementation, they could most likely gain anywhere from 2 to 5kgs after 12 weeks (the variation is due, of course, to other factors like genetics). Lifting more weight for higher reps makes my muscles bigger. Protein buildup can happen in three ways (Booth & Thomason, 1991): Weight training causes microtrauma (tiny tears in muscle fibres)(McDonagh et al, 1984; Gibala et al, 2000). This is the range I work in most the time, primarily towards the lower end (sets of 5 and 6), as I found it gives a nice balance of size and strength gains. They recommend instead to stop short of last 1-2 reps, keep 1-2 reps in the tank they say. To me, HST felt like doing two half-arsed workouts in one session, with one aimed at hypertrophy and the other targeting strength. However, there are still reasons to use other rep ranges. The more weight you put on the harder it becomes to put on more weight, and therefore it takes longer. In terms of science this is the best rep range to work in because maximal sarcoplasmic hypertrophy (increasing the volume of the tissue that supplies energy to the muscle or is involved with the neural drive) occurs. They may respond better to a more "abbreviated" style of training, where often 1 exercise per small muscle and 2 exercises per large muscle are used with sets per exercise never above 2, and often 1. Give detailed reasons why you believe these ranges are the best, and use as much personal experience AND scientific proof as you can. Slotting in a strength day helps me lift more on my hypertrophy days. This gives the brain a target and keeps motivation high as all you need to do is focus on getting back to zero. And after every week of low rep training, my strength have improved when I get back to hypertrophy training. Because moderate rep training {6 to 12 reps}: If you are a Hardgainer: You should start at lower end of 5-6 reps as you can train type IIB fibers with high intensity. What rep range (or ranges) would you use per set? That's why super-high rep work is not ideal for natural lifters, especially if you do a lot of sets. Instead of getting lost searching for the perfect program, you need to adopt a set of strategies and methods that have been proven to work for everyone. Microtrauma stimulates increased protein synthesis, and muscle growth is positively affected by a number of hormones that are released after weight training. Beyond 80-85% of maximum, it uses rate coding. The type of hypertrophy I'll be discussing is mainly sarcomere, since that makes up most of the muscle, that's what should be mainly trained. It's no longer a matter of "seeing is believing". If you are training with adequate intensity {70 to 85%}, forget load, just chase more reps. Get personal records on big moves through 6 weeks. This continues for up to two days after weight training (Gibala et al, 1995b). The rate of hypertrophy that occurs during this "healing" process depends on the type of muscle fibre involved. The periodic variation lets you alter the sets and reps of the program to boost muscle growth and recovery (Potteiger et al, 1995). You have the Mentzer HIT "mob", who belives that all you need is one working set to failure in order to stimulate growth. So reps are the foundation of any muscle building program and if done correctly they create muscle growth, else workout is wasted. Hey, if they can train like that often and grow a lot, then why should they stop what they're doing? The idea here is that you stay a couple reps short of failure, and this way you avoid CNS drain, and will be able to workout more frequently, and use more volume. Low reps in the range of 1-5: Mostly strength gains, little muscle gains, builds muscle slowly. A comparison of eccentric and concentric contractions, The amount of protein going into the muscle increases, The amount of protein wasted from the muscle decreases, The higher workload is more effective at creating microtrauma because of the extra time under tension and extra number of fibres recruited (Shinohara et al, 1998; Smith & Rutherford, 1995; Moss et al, 1997), High volume, multiple set programs are more effective at increasing the body's production of testosterone and growth hormone (Kraemer et al, 1991; Kraemer et al 1990). Keep the rep range in the same area, and just add volume to your workout. This calls for intensity and once you develop it, you will build muscle mass faster. If you are supposed to lift 10 reps, make a mental note to do 12 reps, suddenly 10 reps are possible. You can Download my free 6 week muscle building Program or use Vince Delmonte’s 26 week Muscle Building Program which helped him gain 41 pounds of muscle mass in 24 weeks. Discover effective bodybuilding workouts and muscle building routines with strategies to make every workout a killer one. This is what I mean when I say the strength will trickle down. In the muscles we’re interested in from a sports or bodybuilding standpoint, the body will generally use recruitment to increase force production up to about 80-85% of maximum force output (in the lab, this is measured with Maximal Voluntary Isometric Contraction or MVIC, which is effectively 1 rep maximum weight). The strongest lifter with the most powerlifting records? This simply means Bigger Muscles. This means that I do 2 hypertrophy workouts (8-12 reps, 6 sets) for every 1 strength workout (4-6 reps, 3 sets). Good arguments here. There is an inverse link between strength gains and hypertrophy (Sale, 1992). It works because brain never overrides your voluntary commands, within limits of course. In this video you will learn the best rep range for natural bodybuilding. "Reps or repetitions are the most basic elements of a workout. Some people have more type I fibers, and some have more type II fibers. During the last few reps, almost all motor units fire and hence almost all muscle fibers are firing. More Than 15 Reps Another factor as I said is the time they have spent lifting. This has very little impact on size gains but increases strength will be definitely be great. range of 6 to 12 reps. Less than 6 leads to strength gains and more than Be the first to receive exciting news, features, and special offers from! The 6-8 rep range is perfect, with some secondary work performed in the 8-12 rep bracket. In other words: Crappy Reps = Stinky Workout. Repeat to yourself - I can do it! High reps in the range of 15 and above: Best for endurance training like marathon runners. More fatigue and a greater extent of waste products are produced when training in this rep range. Do you want to double your muscle gains at each rep? It’s slower to come about, but when it does, it’s more likely to stand the test of time. Here are the 3 best tips for awesome reps, sets and workouts: 1. You can then take this template of strategies a… I will also tell you My Top 3 Tips to blast each repetition! If a bodybuilder increases his one rep max from 250 lbs. Capillary density increases with little Sarcoplasmic growth with rep ranges above 15. This is also the case with my personal experience, as I have benifited using this rep range when training primarily for size.

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