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famous trans activists

More than 20 years after her death, Johnson is remembered for her vibrant smile, free spirit and her contributions to the fight for LGBTQ rights. But her friends and fellow activists believe she was killed, a theory that was the highlighted in the. Brandan Robertson (1992-). Her many self-portraits comment on the female form and utilize traditional Mexican themes and colors. And she’s a pastor. 8. DiFranco has been political and justice-oriented since the start of her career (she started her own record label at age 18). She used her voice as a platform to fight oppression on all fronts as a civil rights activist. Harvey Milk was one of the first openly gay politicians elected to office in the United States, and the first openly gay official elected in California. Kramer's controversial calls on activists to take the AIDS crisis into their own hands helped push the FDA to eventually approve the use and distribution of experimental drugs that helped save the lives of AIDS patients. To celebrate the beauty and power of Transgender people, here are 13 Trans Influencers and activists who inspire us. Her persistence and advocacy made her one of the most significant figures in LGBTQ and AIDS activism. "We want gays to represent gays," Milk told the San Francisco Examiner in 1977, and his position as an LGBTQ public official helped bring the community's issues to prominence. Audre Lorde's words carry on her legacy and can be seen on signs during civil rights marches around the world. Less than a year after Milk's inauguration as city supervisor, he and Mayor George Moscone were shot to death in the San Francisco city hall by a former fellow city supervisor over a job dispute. After moving from New York to California, Milk helped start one of the first predominantly LGBTQ-owned business groups in the country, the Castro Village Association, and he was elected to San Francisco's Board of Supervisors in 1977. Since her becoming a series regular on Orange Is the New Black, Cox has become the first trans person to cover TIME, the first trans woman to receive a … Before RuPaul, drag was viewed as an obscure subculture. In addition to writing about injustice, she travels to speak internationally on the side of the poor, disenfranchised, and oppressed. She argued with her managers and lawyers to hold a press conference so she could control the message about her sexuality. A full list of powerful and important queer women could go on for days—but in honor of Women's History Month—here is a list of 10 of our favorite pioneers! Salvador is a mother of two, including a trans daughter, and is the first trans person to adopt a child in Brazil, according Al Día. Walker’s work as a queer woman of color has been vital to the civil rights movement. Kramer rose to prominence battling what he cited as negligence from the FDA and the US government. RuPaul's career and "Drag Race" acted as a springboard for other drag queens to make a living through performances and corporate sponsorships. A pioneer of transgender rights, she was once quoted saying “Hell hath no fury like a drag queen scorned.”. 1954), Finnish Evangelic-Lutheran priest LGBT rights activist in evangelical communities, writer on intersection of faith and LGBT issues These clashes with the New York police marked a turning point for the gay liberation movement in the US and inspired Pride marches around the world today. : Black Women and Feminism. The matchup with Bobby Riggs was watched by millions, and King said she not only wanted to win, she had to win for the sake of gender equality. Laverne CoxAnother entertainer, Laverne Cox has been one of the most prominent transgender actresses perhaps to this day. They led demonstrations, blocked roads during rush hour and staged "die-ins" that grabbed media attention, eventually forcing the government to address the AIDS crisis and provide access to new treatment methods. By Erika Ryan, CNNVideos by Look for CNNVideo script by Karla Cornejo Villavicencio for CNN. She was also an AIDS activist associated with the group ACT UP until her death. Here are a few prominent figures who changed the course of LGBTQ history. (CNN)Activism takes different forms, whether it's marching in the streets, speaking on behalf of marginalized people or influencing pop culture to embrace people from society's fringes. She, Her writing was a revolutionary deconstruction of struggles that helped lead the Black Arts Movement.

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