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how long does an uncontested divorce take

No need to navigate the legal waters alone, Law for Families is here to help! So how long does an uncontested divorce take: How long does a quick divorce take if we both agree? How Long Does an Uncontested Divorce Take. They also mentioned that the states with the quickest uncontested divorces are Minnesota, Hawaii, Nevada, and South Dakota. Contested vs. Uncontested Divorce Procedures, Fourth Judicial District Court of the State of Idaho: Default Divorce, Mira Staggers White: Frequently Asked Questions. Tips on Final Hearing Uncontested Divorce. Some states impose waiting periods after the filing of a complaint or petition for divorce and before the court can grant a final decree. This can take anywhere from one to three months. Law for Families provides all the legal information that you and your family need. That does happen sometimes, but it is very rare. If you serve your spouse with a complaint for divorce and he doesn’t respond by filing an answer with the court within a statutory period of time, usually 20 to 35 days, you can ask the court to enter default against him. then call to speak to a live legal professional. Even if you have a settlement agreement going in, you usually must wait out this time. This is the divorce recommended to most couples who want to divorce as it is cost effective and also does not … Time Frame for Uncontested Divorces Depending on the state in which the spouses live, uncontested divorces can take anywhere from two days to 18 months. This type of divorce takes longer because of the many processes that it has to go through that complicates things. This can be as quickly as 20 days in Florida and 30 days in Georgia, to as long as 18 months in some states. Side note, no one divorce is the same which means that how long it takes to get divorced will vary from one individual to another. Alabama divorce laws require at least 30 days must elapse from the filing of a complaint before a final judgment of divorce can be entered. On this page you will learn about the following topics: There are different of divorce and the type you choose will determine how long your divorce will take. Uncontested divorce is an often misunderstood concept of law. How Does the Waiting Period for Divorce Work? So realistically how long should it take me to get divorced? That said, if both parties agree on the essential terms of their case and are able to have an amicable divorce, the overall procedure will usually take between 3 - 6 months, which is less than half the time of the average contested divorce. In such situations, you can usually be divorced immediately, as soon as you’ve met your state’s waiting requirement. There is no divorce waiting period for uncontested divorces in Illinois. Well, on the average an uncontested divorce can take a couple of days up to 18 months according to this law dictionary website article. When that time comes asking how much does a divorce take is a good question to know the answers to. If you asking how much does a divorce take and you want to be divorced in a short period then this is the type of divorce you should seriously consider and do. Updated: Jan 21st, 2020 NO DISPUTES. The average time to complete the process went up as divorces involved more contested issues. The simplest and speediest of uncontested divorces occur when spouses have a signed marital settlement agreement before even filing for divorce. Facts About Divorce in Texas (How Long Will It Take to Get Divorced?) Most divorces take less than a year, but it is not uncommon to see them go a year and a half, depending on the issues and the parties. Well, we will recommend that for an uncontested divorce expect three to 12 months. The truth is that there is no easy way to know exactly how long a contested or complicated divorce will take. She specializes in family law and estate law and has mediated family custody issues. So for complicated divorce where one wants to fight for everything and that goes through all the different phases you are looking at three (3) to four (4) years or more. Often, spouses will use these waiting periods to negotiate a settlement if they don't have one going in. Initially Contested Case. States in which the quickest uncontested divorces can occur are Hawaii, Minnesota, South Dakota and Nevada. An uncontested divorce is good for the married couple who want to divorce but does not have children, have little to no assets, and willing to work out everything fast so they can move on. An initially contested case is usually among the most common types of divorce cases in the United States. Asking how long does a divorce take is a hard question for some couples as this is a sign that the marriage is ending or has ended. In either case, receiving a final decree can take four to six weeks after you submit your agreement to the court. They’ve ironed out their differences ahead of time, and they can note this in the divorce petition. ... the time period is more likely to run 90 to 120 days in an uncontested divorce due to the crowding of court dockets and the time necessary for counsel to draft necessary legal documents and obtain the agreement of both parties regarding the wording of the final documents. The courts want to make sure you really do want to be divorced, and the waiting periods allow you time to reflect and change your mind. So then how long does an uncontested divorce take if we both agree on everything? While an uncontested divorce can take 12 months in states such as New York, North Carolina, and Maryland etc. While the reasons may be similar, there are significant differences under Arizona law. This process of negotiating can take several months to a year or more, depending on how contentious your matter is. Complicated divorce generally takes longer than an uncontested divorce because of substantial or complicated assets or debts in the marriage. This is why it is called a complicated divorce. And for a  contested divorce expect two(2) to fours (4) years for your divorce to be finalized. Uncontested Divorce Process The first step in the uncontested divorce is to draft a Marital Settlement Agreement, or divorce settlement agreement. The first step in getting a divorce is for the person requesting that the marriage be dissolved file a Summons with the court. The two main types of divorce are uncontested(simple) and contested(complicated) divorce. Contact a law firm now for a free consultation, How Long Does a Divorce Take: Contested & Uncontested Divorce Time Frame, Divorce Cost: How Much Does a Divorce Lawyer Cost, Texas Divorce Attorneys: Family Lawyers Help And Things To Know, Florida Divorce & Family Law Attorney Services, Texas Divorce & Family Law Attorney Services, New Jersey Divorce & Family Law Attorney Services, New York Divorce & Family Law Attorney Services, Arizona Divorce & Family Law Attorney Services, California Divorce & Family Law Attorney Services, Colorado Divorce & Family Law Attorney Services, Connecticut Divorce & Law Attorney Services, Property Division Attorney Near Me – Simple & Complex Asset Division. Uncontested Divorce FAQs How long does an uncontested divorce take in Alabama? State laws differ about the process of uncontested divorces, but the basics are very similar across the country. You’ll have to wait out the time he has in which to respond, then wait for the court to schedule a default hearing to finalize your matter.

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