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old wolf curved sword sellsword twinblades

L1. A sad replacement for the much better gameplay of DS2's weapons/weaponarts. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. Make em sharp, as much dex as you can (around 75 or so), use the pontiff's right eye ring and put the Old Wolf Curved sword in your main hand/on back (the sword and ring stack the buffs for increased damage on consecutive hits) 75 dex? That sounds a bit steep for the run I'm about to do lol. OWCS + Pontiff's Right Eye + any resin is more than enough. Sellsword Twinblades/Old Wolf CGS 2v2; User Info: Zodd3224. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Recommend hovering around level 25 while farming swordgrass. I used both Pontiff eye rings since it helped preserve estus and allowed me to play incredibly aggressively without really being punished. l1 atack makes this weapon very strong with dex faith or dex int builds cause either darkmoon blade/lightning blade/crystal magic weapon will hit the target twice with a single swing (less damage per hit but still ). Pair them with a Old Wolf Curved Sword and Pontiff Right eye ring. and fyi, yes im casual, but im TRYING to 'get gud' lol, What's the deal with the WA? With a scimitar in each hand, the wielder can vary their onslaught with unique left-handed attacks when in the proper stance. "the saltsword twinblades, the blades were once used by the biggest and saltiest casul known as xQc, these blades were the only thing he ever used, until he became so salty and toxic, he chaotically combusted, turning the consumed kings garden into the toxic swamp it is now, these blades, tarnished by his toxicity, now inflict the very same toxic onto enemies, this toxic is far more potent than any other in all the lands, and the salt, now burnt into the blades, now inflicting a burning sting" WA: call of scrubs: boost the nature of this weapon onto it and one's self, inflating your own ego once killing a great foe, or expurgating into salt upon death. I got my claymore to level 10. as it is, its my first time playing without a shield/sword setup, and while i have a shield on my back, i would prefer not to have use it just bc i cant time my swings right. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. When an items durability is low, a message will come up saying "Weapon At Risk!" Bam, best dps weapon in the game! Just used for the buff - Pontiff's Right Eye (+15% damage) - Lloyd's Sword Ring (+10% damage) - Two other preferred rings. Skill: Spin Slash Slice into foes with a large spinning motion, and continue spinning to transition into a strong attack, (If your name is not on THIS list, please do not post videos here. The scimitars' sharp blades make for effective slashing attacks, but fare poorly against metal armor and tough scale-covered hides. ok so... im coming back to the game after like... 3-4 month break playing other games and i wanted to try out a different play style (normally i prefer great swords) and paired weapons came to mind. You can practically trade with bosses and be fine. Can perform a parry when one handed in the left hand. also, the jumping attack (one-handed and two-handed R2 of this weapon) is harder to stun/stagger even if you have low poise, because you are in the air, so the only thing that could stun/stagger you would be a strong attack, maybe a well-landed mace or greatsword attack if you have low poise, but if you have high poise like 60+ poise on a full havel set though... oh boi, only a ledo's great hammer could possibly stagger your R2 when in mid-air, the same thing goes for the club and reinforced club jumping attacks, its also worth to mention that this weapon is very hard to parry except for maybe the R1 two-handed attack which you can parry normaly but not too easily, and the one-handed R1 that is a bit harder than the two-handed but still not actually hard, but the R2 attacks are hard as ***** to parry and the L1 is nearly impossible if not impossible at all, because half of the animation for the R2 attack is a jump and you cant parry a jumping/plunging attack, the club and reinforced club jumping attack is an example of it, and when you can parry its actually hard and require nearly-perfect timing, while the L1 is an attack with two weapons at the same time, and you JUST cant parry a double-weapon attack at all, in my last playthrough, i used sellsword twinblades +10, sharp gem infused, with 47 dexterity and buffed it with crystal magic weapon, i just kicked ass in PvP with it, it was dealing above 600 AR per hit, and i know many people may say this weapon is not that good, but i like it so much, i am used to it and i have skills with it so i get good results in PvP, sometimes i actually lose not gonna lie, but its against people with monsters like splitleaf greatsword or friede's great scythe, so its not a big surprise at all. share. Sad that they havent brought back most of them.Especially the BoneFist was just hilarious. save hide report. so im about halfway through the... first area? The L1 combo fits best though the L2 is not bad but they coun the same.

Mobile Phone Into Glass Bottle Trick Revealed, Journal Of Materials Science Publication Fee, Carolina Reaper Fermented Hot Sauce Recipe, Everyday Meals For Two, Wrist Exercises No Equipment, Kicker Cvr 12'' Shallow, How To Make Telescope At Home Without Lenses,

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